LCA bulletins

LCA clinical guidelines

Other LCA publications

LCA Achievements and Outcomes 2012-2016 

LCA Survivorship Guidelines September 2013 (updated August 2015) 

LCA Framework for cancer CNS development (Band 7)

LCA Guidance: key features for a CNS job description (Band 7)

LCA Key worker policy

LCA AOS Directory September 2014 (updated March 2016)

LCA AOS Directory (abridged) March 2016

LCA Cancer Information Services Directory April 2014

LCA Code of Conduct for interaction with medicines, devices and healthcare industry August 2013
The LCA welcomes joint working with industry to support the implementation of LCA activities. All requests for engaging with industry should follow the operational policy flowchart in the Code of Conduct, and be submitted using the LCA Proposal Form for Interaction with Industry.

LCA Quality Assurance Framework and Escalation Protocol 2015/16

LCA Quality Review Constitution 2015/16

LCA Best Practice Prostate Pathway December 2013 (updated September 2015) 

LCA Children's Referral Pathways January 2014

LCA Teenagers, Young Adults Referral Pathways January 2014

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