LCA and RM Partners welcome Royal College of Physicians audit report on end of life care

The London Cancer Alliance (LCA) and RM Partners welcome the publication of the Royal College of Physicians’ report, 'End of Life Care Audit – Dying in Hospital:National report for England 2016'.

We recognise that there is still considerable work to be done to improve the care for patients at the end of life and those close to them.

The LCA has been working with clinical colleagues to support the identification of patients nearing the end of life and to support the availability of specialist palliative care face-to-face visiting seven days a week.

RM Partners sees these as key strands of work going forward.

In addition to the important processes which this audit measures, we recognise that services should also be able to show the positive differences they make to patients and those close to them – known as clinical outcome measures. RM Partners has identified clinical outcomes measures as central to improving the quality of palliative care services.

The report can be downloaded here

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