Tackling UK’s biggest cancer killer

An expert working group, chaired by LCA AOS Pathway Group chair Dr Tom Newsom-Davis, has called for action on tackling emergency presentation of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the UK’s biggest cancer killer, and the group found that 34% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed as an emergency, when there is a reduced chance of receiving curative treatment due to the likelihood of the cancer being more advanced.

The group has produced a high profile report, 'Tackling emergency presentation of lung cancer', and a series of recommendations which, according to Dr Newsom-Davis, can be divided into four areas: public health; primary care clinicians and their relationship with secondary care; improving diagnosis of patients, whether in primary care or in the emergency department; and ensuring patients see acute oncology clinical nurse specialists.

The expert working group was made up of clinicians, commissioners, patients and charities working in lung cancer, and was drawn together to discuss ways in which to tackle the poor outcomes in lung cancer and patient experience.

The report, published by the British Lung Foundation, was launched at the Houses of Parliament, and attended by Jane Ellison, Public Health Minister and Barbara Keeley, Shadow Health Minister.

Click here for more information and the report.


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