Implementing standards for managing metastatic breast cancer

The recent LCA breast clinical forum focused on improving care and management of metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

Attendees were asked to discuss the development of an MBC database as well as implementation of the proposed metastatic breast service model underpinned by the six LCA metastatic breast cancer standards. The standards include:

  • Dedicated metastatic clinics including lists run by specialist metastatic nurses¬†
  • A specialist breast metastatic nurse with responsibility for metastatic patients as all or part of their role
  • Dedicated MDT slots to discuss metastatic patients, either as a metastatic MDT or as part of the main MDT meeting
  • A database of metastatic patients being managed at a given site
  • Good communication between the metastatic breast team, acute oncology services and community palliative care services
  • Access to metastatic breast cancer trials.

The event also included a presentation from a patient with MBC, an update on the LCA clinical trials directory, and overviews of the role of the metastatic clinical nurse specialist, the delivery of the breast recovery package and the best practice immediate breast reconstruction pathway.

During the table discussions attendees were asked to assess the standards, agree which LCA metastatic service model they would be implementing, and the level of unresourced WTE metastatic breast nurse required to meet the standards.

The next step is for Trusts to progress local implementation of the LCA metastatic breast service standards, guided by their agreed service model, by March 2016.

Presentations from the event are available here. 

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