New colorectal resources to improve outcomes and care

The LCA colorectal pathway group has produced a number of resources that will support Trusts in continuing to improve clinical outcomes, patient experience and quality of care for colorectal patients.

  • The colorectal laparoscopic protocols and standards are for surgical professionals who carry out laparoscopic surgery. In particular standards for primary surgery for right hemicolectomy and anterior resection have been agreed and set. The guidance also includes protocols to ensure accuracy of clinical coding and data integrity.
  • A standardised enhanced recovery checklist has been developed to address variation in existing enhanced recovery programmes. The checklist is for use by enhanced recovery teams and implementation will require an integrated rehabilitation approach.
  • The treatment summary, which is part of the recovery package, has colorectal-specific content. It is for use by clinicians when there are any significant changes in treatment and follow-up arrangements, to ensure patients and their GPs are fully informed about ongoing management and follow up plans. It supports them to recognise and appropriately manage consequences of the cancer and its treatments
  • Provision of written information to support patient-clinician discussions is recognised as vital to optimise patient outcomes and experience. A guidance document on colorectal cancer patient information has been developed to enable professionals to be able to select the most relevant information to support these conversations at each stage in the pathway, from early diagnosis through to end of life care.

All of these resources form part of the LCA Colorectal Cancer Clinical Guidelines.

The resources can be found here


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