Survivorship forum focuses on health and well-being events

Health and well-being events (HWBE) was the focus of the LCA survivorship forum on 21 May 2015, looking specifically at the LCA agreed definitions and examples of how services had already started to think innovatively about running these events.

Formal presentations, which were a mix of Trust-based service initiatives, LCA-led service mapping and third sector services, were complemented with a marketplace of further information about health and well-being events.

The afternoon opened with a presentation on the background and evidence base for health and well-being events, with an overview of the findings of LCA mapping and an explanation of the LCA guidance on HWBEs. This was followed by presentations from five teams who had all taken a different approach to the set-up of HWBEs. These models included a pre-treatment approach, a community model, a cross-trust option, working with social care, and a third sector approach.

The next step for the LCA Survivorship Pathway Group is to work collaboratively with the LCA tumour specific groups and the Lead Nurses Group to support implementation of these events across the LCA. Attendees reported being committed to going back to their areas of work and finding out how they can begin to use health and well-being events within their practice.

The presentations from the event are available here.

LCA Guidance on Health and Well-Being EventsĀ is available here.

LCA Health and Well-being Events Mapping January 2015 is available here.

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