Exploring the provision of clinical nurse specialists in urology

There was a specific focus on the sharing of the results of an in depth review of the provision of clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) at the recent LCA urology clinical forum. This work was undertaken following the CNS mapping work undertaken in 2014 to understand CNS provision across all LCA providers. Presentations included Trust-specific analysis of current CNS provision, including time spent on non-clinical tasks and advanced practice.

Additionally, results of an audit to examine the quality of pathology reporting following the development and publication of the LCA urology clinical guidelines were presented. The pathology audit results highlighted continued variation in the quality of reporting and in compliance of LCA providers with the guidelines. Supporting and encouraging LCA providers to adopt best practice pathology reporting standards as set out in the guidelines has been identified by the LCA Urology Pathway Group as a priority for 2015/16.

The slide presentations are available here.

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