Report on health and well-being event mapping now published

The LCA has published a report on the findings from a mapping exercise of health and well-being events.

Health and well-being events are an integral part of the recovery package. The aim is to provide information that will enable those living with and beyond cancer to make changes to promote healthy lifestyle choices, and be able to better manage the consequences of cancer and its treatment.

The LCA Survivorship Pathway Group undertook a mapping exercise during 2014 to identify health and well-being event models that could be rolled out across the LCA. In addition, the exercise aimed to identify common topics which could have modules developed for use by anyone delivering health and well-being events in the LCA, and to share existing good practice and learning across the LCA.

The results show that there are currently 57 health and well-being events taking place across the LCA in hospitals, hospices and third sector providers. A variety of models are being used, from small groups running over several weeks, to large lecture-style one-off events. Staffing, set-up and content varied, as did whether the events where tumour specific or not.

The results of the mapping exercise will now be used to agree which models best meet the needs of the LCA population and agree a minimum generic content standard. The results will also be used to inform collaborative work with experts to agree minimum tumour specific content.

A copy of the report, LCA Health and Well-Being Events Mapping January 2015, is available here.

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