New urology HNA pre-screening tool for low risk patients

The LCA urology pathway group has produced a urology holistic needs assessment (HNA) pre-screening tool designed for use in patients with low risk prostate, bladder and renal cancer.

Feedback from some patients who were not having active treatment indicated that the full HNA was not always not relevant to them. The urology HNA pre-screening tool allows those who fit the criteria to help identify if they have any concerns related to their diagnosis and treatment or management plan. If the person does identify any concerns, they can then be offered the opportunity to complete the full HNA.

The pre-screening tool will enable patients and clinicians to quickly assess whether they have any concerns and can help the clinician to determine whether a full HNA would be appropriate.

The urology pre-screening tool does not replace the full HNA, and should be used at the discretion of the clinician or healthcare professional who is conducting the assessment.

A copy of the tool is available here.

A copy of the guidance note, which explains which patient cohorts this tool could be used for, is available here.

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