Updates to acute oncology clinical guidelines

Updates have been made to the LCA's acute oncology clinical guidelines. The updates are as follows:

  • Page 27, section 7.6: First bullet point amended to: "2g MgSO4 IV over 15 minutes (max rate 0.6mmol/minute)".
  • Page 47, section 12.2.2, second paragraph: Amended to: "neutrophil count of <1.0x109/L".
  • Page 61, section 16.4.1, second bullet point: Amended to: "If dyspnoea: 5mg of morphine sulphate 10mg/5ml oral solution 4 hourly is usually effective".
  • Pages 34-36, contact details for the MSCC coordinator at Central Middlesex; Charing Cross; Chelsea & Westminster; Ealing; Hammersmith; Harefield; Hillingdon; Royal Brompton; St Mary’s; and West Middlesex have been amended.

The guidelines aim to improve the management of patients with acute cancer diagnoses or who have complications resulting from such treatments as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This updated version also includes a section on neutropenic sepsis.

The updated guidelines are available here.


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