Focus on improving MSCC management

Improving the management of metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC) and the development of an agreed LCA pathway was the focus of the AOS clinical forum on 17 September 2013.

Dr Philip Savage, consultant medical oncologist at Charing Cross Hospital, presented data from an audit undertaken at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, following a reorganisation of its MSCC service. Imperial's service now includes patient alert cards; a single contact point available round the clock; a range of services - including neurosurgery, radiotherapy, MRI and CT - all at one site; a weekly MSCC multidisciplinary team meeting, and a dedicated AHP rehabilitation team. Having clear pathways and dedicated teams contribute to improved treatment outcomes and reducing the length of hospital stays.

A group discussion looked at current guidelines and the development of minimum and ideal service models. An LCA MSCC sub group has been established, led by Mr David Bell, consultant spinal neurosurgeon, King's College Hospital, to develop the service model and take forward the outcomes of the forum discussions.

The presentations from the event are available here.

The next LCA AOS clinical forum will be held on 17 December.

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