A way forward for oesophago-gastric cancer services

The LCA oesophago-gastric (OG) pathway group held its first clinical forum on 12 July, 2013, to share its vision and priorities for the future management of OG cancer and to let delegates know how they can be involved in this work.

Professor George Hanna, LCA oesophago-gastric pathway group chair, discussed its vision for the future, in which there is a single LCA OG virtual collaboration centre with multiple sites. In addition to single standardised clinical guidelines for use across all LCA provider organisations, the centre would have a single standardised operational policy; a single on call rota across surgical centres; an education and training programme; proposed joint morbidity and mortality meetings; and engender strong research collaboration across the LCA

Mr Bill Allum, consultant upper GI surgeon at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and chair of the national oesophago-gastric cancer Clinical Reference Group, provided a national perspective and focus. The Clinical Reference Group (CRG), which has LCA representation, will be developing national guidance on commissioning specialised services. The OG pathway group will continue to feed back its views and receive communication through the LCA representatives of the CRG

A round table discussion provided an opportunity for delegates to help identify future priorities and challenges. Suggestions included:

  • a virtual collaboration centre with multiple sites
  • standardised chemotherapy protocols and the supportive treatments related to chemotherapy administration
  • developing capability and capacity for endoscopic therapy in early cancer management
  • ensuring provision of Holistic Needs Assessment documentation and treatment summaries
  • improving the waiting time for imaging
  • improving lymph node yields
  • developing an LCA-wide OG dietetic referral criteria
  • timely management of dysphagia

A robust work programme for the OG pathway group will be developed and metrics utilised to improve the quality of services and performance outcomes at a local level.

Presentations from the event are available here, and the final agenda is available here.


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