Survivorship forum looks to the future

The second LCA Survivorship Group Forum held on 12 June 2013, looked at plans for the future. Presentations included the roll-out of holistic needs assessment, agreeing and implementing treatment summaries and work plans of the risk-stratification project. There was  a summary of the Quality of Life of Cancer Survivorship in England pilot survey, and the LCA's plans to respond, as well as a report on the LCA survivorship service mapping. There was also a presentation that looked at examples of how health and well-being events have been successfully implemented by two LCA trusts, with the aim of inspiring attendees to think about the options for their service.

Attendees were keen to continue to receive updates on progress and achievements, particularly on health and well-being and risk-stratification, and to learn more about how the survivorship group works collaboratively with the other pathway groups. They also felt that having a better understanding about the impact of initiatives such as treatment summaries on workforce, clinic time and budgets, for example, would be beneficial.

The presentations are available here. Summaries of the work plans for the Communities of Practice for Complementary Therapies, Rehabilitation, and Lymphoedema are also available.  

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