Agreeing priorities for improving brain/CNS cancer care

On 17 June, clinicians from the neuroscience and neuro-oncology multidisciplinary teams across the LCA met at the first brain/CNS clinical forum to agree priorities for the pathway work. Pathway group chair Dr Ron Beaney, gave an overview of the brain/CNS pathway and the key challenges. This generated a considered debate on a range of issues, including how to capture the views of patients who have used these services, how to ensure robust systems were in place to cope with increasing numbers of patients referred to services within the LCA, and how best to collaborate on research across the LCA.

There has been an increased focus in survivorship in recent years and Nicola Glover, LCA project manager for survivorship, presented an overview of the national picture and highlighted areas of particular relevance in brain/CNS cancer. Attendees then worked together to identify how survivorship services for patients could be improved. This work will inform the development of an LCA survivorship plan for brain/CNS cancer.

Attendees also heard a presentation on the new structures for commissioning in the NHS and the implications for brain/CNS cancer. The presentations are available here.

The next LCA brain/CNS clinical forum is on Wednesday 16 October 2013.


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