Patient experience & information

The LCA is committed to improving patient experience. We are working in partnership with Macmillan on projects to improve patient experience and patient information. Our aim is to create a culture where patient experience is as important as clinical outcomes and is the responsibility of all healthcare professionals.

Working collaboratively with our 14 NHS provider organisations and extensive network of stakeholders (including patients and carers), we will improve communications, share best practice and strengthen our relationships to ensure service improvements that will better the patient experience.

The focus of our project work includes:

  • utilising the national Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) as a main tool to analyse and address specific London challenges while building upon strengths
  • recognising the important role of written patient information throughout the pathway in supporting healthcare professional/patient communication, improving patient understanding and enabling informed choice. We will continue to develop improved patient and carer information to meet identified needs. 

Patient information

The London Cancer Alliance also provides information for patients, including information on urgent referrals.

Patient information resources can be found here.  

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