Key personnel

Introduction to the pathway group

The Radiotherapy Group was formed to improve patient access, experience and outcomes in radiotherapy services across the LCA. The membership of the group brings together specialist expertise to work collaboratively with specialist commissioners and LCA radiotherapy providers to enable development of high quality patient centred care.

The radiotherapy group supports the aims and objectives of the LCA in providing world class cancer services across south and west London.

It aims to improve cancer patients' experience and outcomes through delivering excellence in clinical care, research, innovation and education.


  • Draw on the highest levels of expertise in its decision making.
  • Support collaboration among the radiotherapy providers within the LCA to establish and develop best practice for implementation across LCA providers.
  • Ensure the appropriate level of engagement with patients, primary care and other key stakeholders, such as public health.
  • Undertake a modelling exercise to understand current and future demand and capacity within the LCA.
  • Develop improvement plans and make recommendations for improvement to the clinical board.
  • Support the individual tumour pathway groups in respect to radiotherapy issues to ensure use of best practice radiotherapy techniques across the LCA.
  • To improve care and ensure equitable access.
  • Be compliant with peer review requirements.


  • Availability and equitable access to best practice radiotherapy techniques across the LCA
  • Improved patient experience
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