Key personnel

  • Chair - Dr Majid Kazmi, consultant haematologist, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
  • Project manager - Tim Bill, LCA

Introduction to the pathway group

The haematology oncology pathway group aims to improve patient access, experience and outcomes for patients with haematological cancers (including bone marrow transplant) across south and west London. The membership of the group brings together specialist expertise from primary, secondary and tertiary care as well as patients and users to enable development of high quality patient centred care.

The haematology oncology pathway group supports the aims and objectives of the LCA in providing world class cancer services across south and west London. It aims to improve cancer patients' experience and outcomes through delivering excellence in clinical care, research, innovation and education with particular emphasis on earlier diagnosis for haematological cancers.


  • Implement LCA service plan for haematological cancers
  • To set standards and accreditation criteria to ensure a standardised, high quality, patient centered  approach to the management of haematological cancers across all providers within the LCA
  • To develop and agree metrics that demonstrate quality and outcomes
  • To standardise approaches to service delivery where appropriate
  • Improve early diagnosis by delivering innovative referral guidelines agreed with primary care
  • Establish systems for monitoring Peer Review, clinical lines of inquiry, quality standards and outcome measures and where these are not achieved agree a process of corrective measures.  
  • Embed enhanced recovery programs in all units to improve patient experience and reduce length of stay
  • Encourage and increase participation of units in local research and national clinical trials
  • Work with TCR and MDTs to improve staging data returns of newly diagnosed cancers
  • Work with the LCA cross cutting groups to address issues relevant to the haematology oncology Pathway
  • Provide information as required by the clinical board to escalate concerns


  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive and seamless exemplar haematology oncology pathway across the LCA based upon national and international standards, research, evidence
  • Deliver the recommendations in the Model of Care including those for haematopoietic progenitor cell transplantation (HPCT)
  • Improve cancer patients' experience and outcomes through delivering excellence in clinical care, research, innovation and education
  • To improve care and ensure equitable access to specialists, GPs, hospitals and health care professionals thus improving the outcomes of the population of London.


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