Pathway groups

Each pathway group is made up of clinical representatives from our provider organisations and key stakeholders from across the LCA, and is led by a pathway group chair.

The pathway groups share a set of common core objectives, outcomes and targets, which are to.

  • review evidence and current performance of pathways within the LCA with regards to outcomes, Model of Care recommendations and best practice.
  • undertake baseline audits of the performance of each organisation against delivery of the relevant Model of Care recommendations.
  • agree and establish current best practice and develop exemplar best practice pathways.
  • undertake a baseline assessment against the exemplar pathway confirming the extent to which practice in each organisation is in line with this best practice.
  • ensure appropriate levels of engagement with patients, primary care and other key stakeholders.
  • be compliant with peer review requirements.

Pathway chairs forum

The LCA has established a pathway chairs forum, consisting of all the chairs of the tumour specific and cross cutting pathways. The group holds quarterly meetings and has played a vital role in providing clinical leadership and process standardisation within the pathway groups. Challenges and lessons are shared to ensure effective implementation of clinical guidelines, service redesign and processes across the LCA.

Minutes of the pathway chairs forum meetings are available here.

LCA pathway chairs forum minutes 12 March 2015

LCA pathway chairs forum minutes 4 December 2014

LCA pathway chairs forum minutes 11 September 2014

LCA pathway chairs forum minutes 12 June 2014

LCA pathway chairs forum minutes 20 March 2014

Established pathway groups

The following pathways have been established and are operational.

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