Children, Teenagers and Young Adults

Key personnel

  • Clinical Pathway Co-Chair (Children) - Dr Julia Chisholm, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
  • Clinical Pathway Co-Chair (TYA) - Louise Soanes, Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse Consultant for Adolescents and Young Adults, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
  • Project manager - Katie Morris

Introduction to the Children and TYA work programme

The LCA's Children and TYA work programme supports the aims and objectives of the LCA in providing world class cancer services across south and west London. It aims to improve cancer patients' experience and outcomes through delivering excellence in clinical care, research, innovation and education with particular emphasis on earlier diagnosis. The LCA hosts quarterly clinical forums which also act as the South Thames Children and TYA Cancer Network Clinical Co-ordinating Group.


Network protocols and regimens for the South Thames Children's Cancer Network

Approved regimens and referral, diagnostic and staging protocols are available here.


  • Provide clinical expertise and guidance to other pathway groups regarding the care and clinical treatment of Children and TYA patients
  • To lead improvement in patient experience and outcomes in Trusts that are part of the LCA integrated cancer system
  • To promote collaboration between partner organisations with a constant focus on delivering best practice pathways and experience for patients
  • Development of standard narrative for inclusion in LCA tumour guidelines for the referral pathways for children
  • Development of standardised referral pathways/guidance across tumour types
  • Implementation of early diagnosis initiatives including primary care recognition, audit of 2ww referrals and audit of A&E presentations
  • Standardising and improving approach to the management of neutropenic sepsis
  • Standardising data collection - focus on patient experience

Referral protocols for children or TYA patients with a confirmed or suspected cancer diagnosis

Children below the age of 16 years with a diagnosis of cancer or suspected cancer must be referred to the paediatric oncology team at the Principal Treatment Centre and must not be managed exclusively by adult site-specific teams.

  • The Joint Principal Treatment Centre (PTC) for children aged 1 yr to 16 yrs for South Thames is The Royal Marsden, Sutton/St George's Hospital. The PTC for North Thames (including North West London) is Great Ormond Street Hospital/University College Hospital. All patients <1 year from both North and South Thames should be referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital)

For certain tumour types that are uncommon in children (e.g. skin, melanoma, head and neck, thyroid, gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary) the paediatric oncology team should liaise with the appropriate site specific MDT for advice about management and to agree surgical interventions, but overall responsibility for managing the patient remains with the paediatric oncology team.

For teenagers and young adults, teenagers aged 16-18 should be managed at a Principal Treatment Centre (PTC) for TYA cancers and that those aged 19-24 are given the choice of being managed at a PTC or TYA Designated Hospital.

  • The PTC for TYA for South Thames is The Royal Marsden, Sutton.
  • The PTC for North Thames (including North West London) is University College Hospital.

All patients within this age range, regardless of place of care, should be referred to the TYA MDT at the relevant PTC.

Referrals from South East and South West London

Referrals from South East and South West London to the TYA MDT should be made using the TYA referral form which can be found here.

Referrals from North West London

Referrals from North West London to the TYA MDT should be made using the University College London Hospitals referral form. The form along with details of the referral process can be found here.  

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