Chemotherapy Closer to Home and Medicines Optimisation

Key personnel

Introduction to the pathway group

The London Cancer Alliance is committed to working collaboratively across the integrated systems to deliver safe and effective cancer care, improving clinical outcomes and enhancing patients' and carers' experience and quality of life.

The chemotherapy closer to home and medicines optimisation pathway is currently in development. Our aim is to improve patient experience and optimise the safe delivery of cancer related treatment by reducing the need for patients to travel long distances to receive treatments.

The Medicines and Chemotherapy Steering Group has produced its Terms of Reference, which are available here.

The focus of the pathway work will include:

  • a patient-focused strategy whereby high quality cancer treatments can be safely delivered closer to where patients live
  • recommendations for service improvement, development and collaboration between NHS providers across LCA to optimise use of oncology related medicines

Cancer network forms

From April 2013, the cancer network websites will no longer be operational. As an interim measure, the old cancer network urgent referral forms, 2 week wait forms, and application forms have been transferred to this site pending future review.

You can access these forms here.

Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Nurse Competency (SACT)

Competency forms for SACT have been produced for use across LCA provider organisations.

You can access these forms here.

Cancer Drugs Fund  

The content of the National CDF Cohort policy list and notification forms are available on the NHS England website here.

Completed forms must submitted to:

All applications MUST be submitted via an e-mail, in order to ensure safe electronic transfer of patient specific data.

ICDFR application forms are available on the NHS England website here, and should be submitted to:




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