LCA Patient Experience Programme


LCA Survivorship Guidelines September 2013 (updated August 2015) 

LCA Survivorship Services Mapping Survey Results July 2013


Recovery Package

Treatment Summaries 

LCA Treatment Summary template

LCA Treatment Summaries March 2016


Health and Well Being Events 

LCA Guidance on Health and Well-Being Events May 2015

LCA Health and Well-Being Events Mapping January 2015


Holistic Needs Assessment 

LCA Holistic Needs Assessment print version 2013

LCA Holistic Needs Assessment electronic version 2013

Pan-London Skin Holistic Needs Assessment June 2014

LCA HNA prompt sheets 


Consequences of treatment

LCA Consequences of cancer treatments: a position statement November 2013

LCA guidance and recommendations for referral to fertility services September 2014

LCA guidance on GI consequences of cancer March 2016

LCA Sexual Consequences of Cancer service mapping report March 2016

LCA Sexual Consequences of Cancer Treatment Management Pathway March 2016



LCA Lymphoedema Service Mapping Report December 2013 (updated January 2016)

LCA Lymphoedema Service Specification January 2016 (updated March 2016) 

LCA Lymphoedema Referral and Management Guidelines June 2015


Supportive care

LCA Complementary Therapies Services Evaluation March 2016

LCA Guidelines and Criteria for Complementary Therapies June 2013 (reviewed September 2014)

LCA Rehabilitation Referral Prompt Tool December 2015

LCA Audit of Complementary Therapy Services November 2014

LCA AHP Workforce Mapping and Requirements October 2014


Mental health and psychological support

LCA Developing a pathway for mental health and psychological support services for adults June 2014

LCA Mental Health and Psychological Support Service Specifications and Referral Guidance December 2014

LCA Guidance for Level Two Healthcare Workers and Level Three/Four Supervisors September 2015


Patient information

LCA Cancer Information Services Directory April 2014 

LCA guidance on contributing to patient information leaflets August 2014

LCA guidance on patient and carer feedback August 2014 


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