LCA forms, protocols and guidance

The LCA produces a range of forms, reports and guidance for use in our provider organisations.

LCA clinical guidelines

The LCA has published a series of guidelines to help improve diagnosis and treatment of a range of different cancers, and reduce variation for patients across south and west London:

LCA Chronic Pancreatitis Patient Pathway December 2015

LCA Dysphagia Management in Oesophageal Cancer November 2015

LCA Haemato-Oncology Clinical Guidelines April 2015

LCA Barrett's Oesophagus Clinical Guidelines February 2015

LCA Hepato-pancreato-biliary Cancer Clinical Guidelines November 2014

LCA Urological Cancers Clinical Guidelines October 2014 (updated December 2014)

LCA Colorectal Cancer Clinical Guidelines September 2014

LCA Colorectal Patient Information Guidance June 2015

LCA Colorectal Laparoscopic Protocols and Standards July 2015
This was produced by the LCA Colorectal Pathway Group for surgical professionals who carry out primary surgery for right hemicolectomy and anterior resection. The document also includes protocols to ensure accuracy of clinical coding and data integrity.

LCA Colorectal Treatment Summary July 2015
This document is intended for use by all clinicians and should be used when there are any significant changes in treatment and follow-up plan.

LCA Colorectal Enhanced Recovery Checklist July 2015
This is a standardised colorectal enhanced recovery checklist for use by enhanced recovery teams. 

LCA Colorectal Protocol for Reporting September 2015 (updated January 2016)
This provides a protocol for reporting unexpected, significant radiological, endoscopy and histological findings. 

LCA Guidance on Colorectal Health and Well-Being Events November 2015

LCA Colorectal HWBE poster template November 2015

LCA Colorectal HWBE patient invitation template November 2015

LCA Gynaecological Cancer Clinical Guidelines July 2014

LCA Head and Neck/Thyroid Cancer Clinical Guidelines July 2014

LCA Skin Cancer Clinical Guidelines July 2014
Appendix 12: Risk stratified pathways for BCC May 2015

LCA Acute Oncology Clinical Guidelines September 2013 (updated March 2016 amended August 2016)

LCA Brain/CNS Cancer Clinical Guidelines June 2014
LCA Anterior skull base tumours operational policy June 2014
LCA Lateral and central skull base tumours operational policy June 2014
LCA Pituitary and pituitary-related tumours operational policy June 2014

LCA Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer Clinical Guidelines April 2014

LCA Lung Cancer Clinical Guidelines December 2013 (updated March 2016)
LCA Lung 62 Day Pathway and Straight to CT Resources December 2015

LCA Breast Cancer Clinical Guidelines October 2013 (updated March 2016)
Addendum to breast cancer clinical guidelines January 2014 - subcutaneous trastuzumab (Herceptin)
LCA Best Practice Immediate Breast Reconstruction Pathway September 2015
LCA Metastatic Breast Service Specification February 2016 (revised March 2016)
LCA Seroma Guidance Jan 2016 v1.0


LCA systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) education and training

For chemotherapy nurses

For oncology pharmacy

For oral SACT

Pan-London cytotoxic handbook July 2015




Other LCA documents

LCA Radiotherapy Cancer Waiting Times Policy October 2015

LCA Rapid Diagnostic Neck Lump Service March 2016

LCA Brain CNS Neuro Rehab Good Practice Referral Checklist March 2016

LCA Cardiac Sparing Breast Radiotherapy SOP March 2016

LCA Achievements and Outcomes 2012-2016

LCA Survivorship Guidelines September 2013 (updated August 2015)

LCA Renal Specialist MDT - Operational Guidance
This document provides an outline of the management and function of the renal specialist multidisciplinary team (MDT), the central body responsible for clinical management of patients presenting to hospitals within the London LCA with a diagnosis of renal cancer.

LCA AOS Directory - September 2014 (updated March 2016)
The London Cancer Alliance has published an updated acute oncology services (AOS) directory. The directory provides contact details for both in- and out- of- hours acute oncology service staff, chemotherapy departments, tumour-site specific clinicians and nurse specialists, palliative care services and the emergency department for every acute hospital in the LCA area. 

LCA AOS Directory (abridged) - updated March 2016
The abridged version of the LCA AOS Directory provides the contact details for in- and out-of hours AOS services.

LCA Code of Conduct for interaction with medicines, devices and healthcare industry
The London Cancer Alliance welcomes joint working with industry to support the implementation of LCA activities in support of pillars of governance, including audit, education and training, research and policy. All requests for engaging with industry should follow the operational policy flowchart in the Code of Conduct, and be submitted using the LCA Proposal Form for Interaction with Industry available here.

LCA Best Practice Prostate Pathway December 2013 (updated September 2015)
This  document details the necessary sequencing and timeliness of the various elements of the LCA prostate cancer pathway to ensure it is delivered within the 62 day cancer waiting time target.

LCA SPC referral form March 2017 (2) (electronic)
This electronic form, which can be filled in on line, is for use across the London Cancer Alliance for referrals to specialist palliative care, and supersedes previous cancer network forms.

LCA SPC referral form March 2017 (2) (PDF)

LCA Referral Criteria for Specialist Palliative Care June 2014

LCA Interim Position Statement on Domperidone June 2014

LCA syringe pump community charts August 2014

LCA Urgent Urology Suspected Cancer Referral Form December 2014
This form is for use across the London Cancer Alliance, and supersedes previous cancer network forms.

LCA Guidance and recommendations for referral to fertility services September 2014

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