Research Board

The LCA Research Board has been established to provide research leadership, expertise and oversight across the LCA and its research strategy.

LCA R&D Director Professor Stan Kaye is chair of the Research Board, and he will work closely with the LCA Clinical Directors, Programme Director, Clinical Board and pathway group chairs to develop and implement the LCA R&D strategy across west and south London.

The composition of the Board includes senior clinical leads from within the LCA, representation from three biomedical research centres, research network leads, National Institute for Health Research representation as well as senior clinical representation from the main cancer charity organisations. Membership to the board will also include a patient representative and a GP cancer research lead.

The Research Board will meet twice a year, in April and October, and will report to the LCA Members’ Board.

Click here for biographies of Research Board members.

Research strategy

The LCA has developed a research strategy focusing on areas of unmet need, where evidence obtained from LCA-scale research can be expected to make a contribution to improvements in patient care. It encapsulates priorities that have emerged from each of the LCA pathway groups, both tumour specific and cross cutting.

Click here for the LCA Research Strategy. 

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