Clinical Board

The operational delivery of the London Cancer Alliance is through a Clinical Board with clear delegated powers.

The Clinical Board leads and oversees the work and functioning of the pathway groups, and considers, challenges and approves recommendations from pathway group boards and subgroups or workstreams (including evidence, impacts and mitigations).

Membership reflects representation of professional, stakeholder and geographical areas rather than the various providers, and includes patient and carer representatives and a GP cancer lead.

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Terms of Reference - LCA Clinical Board

  • Ensure the design and delivery of a cohesive clinical vision for the LCA on behalf of the Members' Board.

  • Ensure appropriate refinement and delivery of clinical service plan.

  • Provide clinical scrutiny and standard setting for the provision of cancer clinical care across the LCA.

  • Lead and oversee the work and functioning of pathway groups.

  • Prioritise, establish and lead remaining pathway groups.

  • Review and ratify pathway groups' annual plans.

  • Promote prevention and early detection of cancer by supporting GPs and influencing public health messages.

  • Improve the patient experience with reference to the national cancer patient survey.

  • Ensure equitable and affordable access to excellence in clinical care through integrated pathways across primary, secondary, tertiary, community and third sectors.

  • Provide local services where possible and centralised services where necessary, reflecting both national standards and the London model of care.

  • Promote and share best practice.

  • Identify and advise on metrics for performance.

  • Report regularly on progress to the Members' Board.

  • Work with the Members' Board on a communication strategy to ensure cancer clinicians across the LCA are informed and involved.

  • Be responsible for peer review of cancer services.

  • Provide clinician input into the commissioning process.

  • Deliver a wider stakeholder strategy.

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