Clinical strategy

The LCA has developed a three-year clinical service strategy to support delivery of our key objectives. This clinically-led and delivered programme will be implemented in a phased approach, allowing us to build strong relationships across providers and with partners and then build on these in subsequent years. More information on the LCA clinical strategy is available in the prospectus here.

Service objectives

To realise our overall vision we have set a series of ambitious aims for our cancer services. These aims cover the effectiveness of our clinical services, the experience of patients being treated, and the health outcomes we achieve, covering the improvements across two of our performance domains: our patients and our services.

Working in partnership, we will:

  • promote prevention and early detection of cancer by supporting GPs and influencing public health messages

  • improve patient experience with reference to the national cancer patient survey

  • ensure equitable access to excellent clinical care through integrated pathways across primary, secondary, tertiary, community and third sectors

  • provide local services where possible and centralised services where necessary

  • collaborate in world class research and innovation in cancer care

  • raise the quality and profile of clinical education across the system

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